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Maintaining order in your wardrobe can sometimes be a challenge but with the right system you’ll be well on your way.

Choose from a variety of great products at affordable prices.
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Wardrobe - Ximula Flexible System
Given its fully customizable hand-made collection, the XIMULA Flexible System is a wardrobe system that feels right at home with haute couture. Proudly designed and manufactured in Singapore, the XIMULA Flexible System has earned the Singapore Green Label in approval of our exacting workmanship and quality standards with respect to the environment. Each XIMULA wardrobe is different and no effort is spared in ensuring your home is fitted with the best combination of storage spaces in line with your interior design - technical innovation which allows high load bearing capabilities, premium materials including our patented aluminium joinery concepts and an extensive range of interchangeable componentry in an equally wide range of colours and finishings.


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Glass Door

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About Besglas

Doors and wardrobes are the cornerstones of any home as these are essential elements that your home cannot do without. And yet, they are commonly overlooked as spaces needing attention and design. Often not the centrepiece these elements and spaces are important, and a well-designed, well-executed space is unobtrusive -- you will hardly notice the doors of your rooms or the drawers of the wardrobe.

And that is how BESGLAS products work.

Here at BESGLAS, we understand homes are created from how you live and utilise your spaces, so all our products are created to complement and provide the framework for your individual style to shine through whilst ensuring safety and precision on workmanship.

BESGLAS Every home deserves our best.

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Get It Organized

Forget about those clumsy tie bars. Besglas's Electronic Rotating Tie Rack is a revolutionary add-on to your wardrobe that organizes your ties neatly with extremely easy access from a very compact space, storing 54 ties and 4 belts per rack.
Tie Rack

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