National Day Specials 2018

Promotion starts from 1 August 2018 to 15 August 2018


Celebrate Singapore National Day with exclusive special buys.

We begin and end every day in the bathroom, and that's why it should be nice and convenient. Any part of your home can be cozy - why should the bathroom be an exception?

Modern, useful, hygienic and classy, MOVI sliding doors are am incredible approach to redesign the look and feel of your home without a full remodel. 

Your choice of shower screen door will depends upon your individual style and more importantly the size and layout of your bathroom. ORAZIO Screen had been designed for the ultimate appearance combined with outstanding practicality. The black-framed door gives a fresher look compared to a traditional framed shower screen.

PIVOT Door is made to look sleek and modern in any surrounding. These door add light to a room and help make it more elegant. Black-framed PIVOT Door can make a smaller space look lofty, especially when taken all the way to the ceiling.





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