EZI Door

EZI doors which are bi-folding is great way to minimize the space taken up by a door that swings its full width into a room.

EZI Door Plus

One of our greatest space savers, EZI Door is designed with a flexible opening direction and is user-friendly. Its adjustable framework makes for fuss free installation, without damaging surrounding walls while ensuring minimum gaps around the door is achieved. EZI Door is also safe to use, especially with young children in the home, with its seamless folding design and safety locking system that prevents and protects fingers from being clipped accidentally. EZI Door Plus offers the option of top hanging system with any track at the bottom.

Room dividing solutions seem to be very on trend at the moment, so exactly how can you find the best balance of style and quality, convenience and value? FLS EZI Door Plus provides flexible dividing solutions for wider spaces or openings.